Are you passionate about games? Do you want to be involved in building a better and more diverse games industry? The GameChangers -project aims to promote the development of the Finnish game industry by encouraging more girls and women to study games and to apply for a variety of positions the industry has to offer. Nearly half the people who play games are women, yet only 20% of the people working in the games industry are women, so there is a need for female perspective in the field. A set of diverse people working together come up with new and better ideas and innovations so adding diversity to the industry will benefit everyone.

During spring 2019 and autumn 2018 we executed two BETA coaching programs. Trough the program we’ve coached about 50 people closer to their dream to work in the game industry. Majority of the participants were women. You can follow the journey of BETA coachees through our social media media channels: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

If you are working on the games industry and would like to get involved in the project, please contact us and let’s find out how we can make the game better together. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages, to see what’s happening!

Project Manager
Ari Hautaniemi

Project Coordinator
Ria Gynther

Together we can make the game better!